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Intelligent Parking Guidance Sensor

One Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor is comprised of detector main body and indicator light. The detector main body is the ultrasonic sensor. It is used to detect the unoccupied and occupied state of parking. The integrated indicator light is used to display different colors according to the command...

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Product Details

Sensor and indicator light is simple to deploy

The integrated ultrasonic parking sensor combines the parking sensor and indicator light. With high integration, the material and construction cost is saved and the construction period is also shortened.

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Plug and play, simple and efficient

With double internet interface design is adopted for integrated ultrasonic parking sensor, the communication and power supply can be realized by using one piece of network cable without additional cable laid out. Thus, the installation and practical efficiency of the product is increased and genuine plug and play is genuinely realized.

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Main technical parameters of the product

RS485 communication mechanism is mainly applied into the integrated ultrasonic parking sensor. The effective communication distance reaches 300m and the sensing accuracy ratio accounts for 99..9%. double network interface design is used for the wiring interface. CAT5E network cable is sued for power supply and communication connection, thus the cable cost is saved and construction difficulty is also reduced.


Product type


Communication mode




Communication interface

2 RJ45 ports

Power supply mode

DC 10-28V (rated 24V)

Communication distance

≤300 (CAT5E cable)

Power consumption


Power supply distance

≤150m (CAT5E cable)

Working temperature


Response time


Environmental humidity


Sensing accuracy ratio


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