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Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The parking guidance system is currently the most complete guidance system in China and is applicable to parking lots with frequent access to various vehicles and high parking spaces. It is designed to increase parking space usage and management levels, and facilitates motorists to find parking spaces smoothly. It can also provide a wealth of inquiries and management tools, while bringing good social and economic benefits. It is a new trend in the future of parking management.

This system can be used in conjunction with the car park entrance and exit management system. When there is no parking space in the car park, it can be linked with the exit and entrance management system, so that the car park entrance ticket box controller stops issuing temporary parking cards to prevent vehicles from entering the parking lot excessively. Caused by traffic congestion or congestion in the venue, but VIP vehicles can swipe in to enter. When the vehicle enters the yard, the entrance and exit management system automatically recognizes the license plate number and transmits the license plate to the parking guidance system controller. The controller can automatically display the license plate and the direction of the license plate on the channel according to the allocated parking space of the system, and guide the vehicle as soon as possible. Enter the designated area.

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