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Parking Management System
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The parking lot management system is a network system built by computers, network equipment, and lane management equipment to manage the entrance and exit of parking vehicles, the guidance of on-site traffic flow, and the collection of parking fees. It is a necessary tool for professional parking yard management companies. It collects and records the vehicle's in-and-out records and field locations to achieve dynamic and static integrated management of vehicle access and on-site vehicles. Through the management software to complete the implementation of the charging strategy, billing account management, lane equipment control and other functions. Lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking lot system. It is the interface for data interaction between the vehicle and the system. It is also a key equipment for implementing friendly user experience. Parking system refers to the installation of automatic identification devices at entrances and exits of parking areas based on modern electronics and information technology. Judgment, recognition, entry/rejection, guidance, and recording of vehicles entering and leaving this area are performed through contactless card or license plate recognition. , charge, release and other intelligent management.