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Parking Guidance System Advantages
- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. Parking guidance function: Control the display screen to guide the owner to quickly enter the free parking space in the shortest time, improve the parking lot usage rate, optimize the parking environment, and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Fixed parking protection function: By avoiding guidance, the reservation of special parking spaces such as fixed insurance, monthly insurance, and fixed parking is realized.

3. Real-time monitoring of parking space status: The system can display the parking space occupancy in real time, count the number of parking spaces, the number of empty spaces, the number of vehicles entering and exiting during the statistical time period, etc. to facilitate management personnel's monitoring and management of parking lots.

4. Statistics function: It can count the daily and monthly use rate of the parking lot and the usage rate of the time slot, etc. to facilitate the owners to understand the usage status of the parking lot.

5, parking time detection function: After the car stops at the parking space, the parking lot management personnel can understand the parking status of the parking space at any time in the control room.

6. Permission Control Function: The multi-level permission control function facilitates the control and confidentiality of related information.