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Vehicle parking guidance system based on video technology
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The video parking guidance system is suitable for large-scale commercial complexes and shopping centers where customer experience is demanding and cost-insensitive. When searching for vehicles with specific brands that are accurate to the parking space and a certain license plate number, they can directly realize point-to-point reverse search and experience. Most of the systems are based on TCP/IP network architecture, with high real-time performance and are suitable for large-scale application scenarios. The video parking guidance carrier is a camera, and the core is an identification algorithm based on license plate recognition technology. The realization principle is simple and easy to understand. The camera is installed in front of the parking space to capture the image, and the vehicle license plate recognition algorithm determines whether the vehicle has the parking space information. The general system is divided into the back-end identification and front-end identification. The back-end identification means that the camera is only responsible for the collection of the video, transmitted to a specific identification device to identify the output there is no car results; the front-end recognition algorithm is integrated with the camera, the camera directly The output has car-free results.