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Parking Guidance System Based on Ultrasonic Technology
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Ultrasonic technology's parking guidance system is suitable for applications that are sensitive to costs and require low customer experience. The system generally combines card swiping to achieve regional positioning. In reverse search, it can only be accurate to a certain area and cannot be assigned to a specific vehicle. The system adopts a three-tier pyramid structure, with the server at the top, and the vehicle detector (ultrasonic probe) corresponds to each parking space at the lowest level. The entire topology uses fieldbuses (RS485, CAN, etc.) for data exchange, and the real-time performance is not high. Ultrasonic technology is used for the detection of parking spaces, that is, the detection of the presence or absence of vehicles on the parking spaces is detected by detecting changes in the ultrasonic frequencies after the vehicle detectors are blocked. The vehicle detector selects the received ultrasonic frequency, and the filter circuit performs the first filtering and first-stage amplification of the waveform. At the same time, the ultrasonic vehicle detector will self-check and do temperature compensation. Immediately after the first processing of the signal two or three amplification, filtering and AD conversion. After receiving the signal after processing, the single-chip microcomputer makes a car-free car judgment, and then outputs the result to the system.