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Factors affecting ultrasound
- Apr 11, 2018 -

There are many factors that affect ultrasound, and often the system has the most misjudgment. The result of the vehicle detector output is sent to the server after it is processed by the hardware at a higher level, and the remaining parking space information is distributed to the designated medium to realize the vehicle induction function. In order to realize the reverse seek function, it is necessary to acquire the vehicle information of a certain area for the first time by the positioner bound to each yard field, and to generate the reverse search result when the vehicle information is acquired for the second time on the designated apparatus, thereby realizing the accuracy to the area. Reverse search for vehicles.

Ultrasonic parking guidance system is mature and stable, low requirements for installation and commissioning, low cost and other characteristics are deeply loved by consumers, and are widely used in general commercial complexes. The disadvantage is that they are sensitive to interference and have misjudgment.